Tournament Details

For our April tournament on Okeechobee, we will be trialing a new format for 2-day events.    We believe this change will make it more exciting and will keep everyone in the hunt for the win until the final weigh-in.  It also brings significant strategy into play.  Please read carefully!!!

10 Fish for 2 Days – We call it “10 for 2”

  1. Each team will have 10 fish limit for the tournament as a whole.   Important, this is not each 10 day.
  2. You may weigh none all or part of that limit on Day 1.  You decide based on your own strategy.
  3. Once you have arrived back into the basin, all fish in your live-well are final – no culling at the ramp.    All fish will be culled outside the Clewiston lock.
  4. We will do a Livewell check at weigh-in to ensure all fish brought into the boat basin are counted.
  5. Once you have weighed fish on Day 1 you will only be able to weigh in the remainder of your 10 fish limit on Day 2.   No exchanges.

Big Bass Pot for EACH Day

We will have a Big Bass pot for Day 1 and Day 2 – See updated entry below!

Increased Entry Fee for 2-Day Event

We will have a $50 entry fee for this event which will allow us to payout the Big Bass for Day 1 and Day 1 ($10 per boat each day)

Other Important Details:

  • Ramp – Clewiston Ramp (https://goo.gl/maps/cdxufTXqya9Mv34s7)
  • Tournament Registration – 5:50 to 6:30
  • Anglers Meeting – 6:30
  • Take off will be at first safe light.  
  • Take off order- Boat numbers are based on the order of finish from March’s tournament 
  • Check-In – 3:00pm for BOTH DAYS.   All anglers must be inside the basin.   You must be in the basin, not the canal leading to the basin from the lake.  
  • Entry Fees $50  is due at the ramp and must be paid in cash and in full.   This is a small increase to pay the 2nd big bass for the tournament.
  • Special Note about Boundaries for January – Any waters that are continuously navigable from the Clewiston boat ramps are considered tournament waters.  You may lock through to any portion of the Rim Canal, the Kissimmee River, and the Caloosahatchee River if you desire. 
Place Team Alternate # of Fish Big Fish Weight Winnings