Newsletter – 2016 YEAR END

We enjoyed quite an exciting year. We had a very tight race for the Team Angler Year honors.
We also had a very competitive Classic tournament.

   Classic: Lake Okeechobee 11/12 – 11/13

Fishing Okeechobee with the high dirty water was a big challenge. The results of Day 1:

1st Pastor George Thomasson & Brian Elser :13.38 Lbs, Big Fish of the day at 5.64 Lbs.

2nd Reggie Bush & Gilberto Epstein: 12.09 Lbs

3rd Rick Batemen & Elwood Glaser: 11.91 Lbs

4th Rennie Gauvin & John Catlin: 9.33 Lbs

5th James Padgett & Jonathan Padgett: 9.09 Lbs

Those were some slim weights for Okeechobee going into pre-spawn time of year.
Everybody was thinking, that Day 2, the  fish would be busting all over.
However, the weigh–in statistics did not support that theory.

1st Rick Batemen & Elwood Glaser: 26.65 Lbs. Jumped to 1st from 3rd place

2nd Pastor George Thomasson & Brian Elser: 23.70 Lbs. Dropped to 2nd place from 1st

3rd Reggie Bush & Gilberto Epstein: 21.80 Lbs. Dropped to 3rd place from 2nd

4th Gary Cox & Steve Sapp: 19.73 Lbs, Big Fish Day 2 – 3.19 Lbs. Jumped from 6th to 4th place.

5th James Padgett & Jonathan Padgett: 16.56 Lbs. Stayed at 5th place.

There were 6 teams that caught a limit both days. Pre-spawn bucks.

The 2015 Classic winning weight was 42.31 Lbs. This year’s winning weight would have placed 6th in
last years Classic. Just shows how “difficult” it was finding active fish this year. With that being said,
it shows that with perseverance teams in our club will find fish. KUDO’s, to all the teams that
placed 1st thru 5th place.

2016 Award Winners:

Team Anglers of the Year:

1st Rennie Gauvin & Matt Faneuf – 217 Points, Weight: 131.08 Lbs

2nd Kevin Wright & Jason Hughey – 209 Points, Weight: 111.61 Lbs

3rd Pastor George Thomasson & Brian Elser – 202 Points, Weight: 103.65 Lbs

   Big Bass of the Year: Matt Faneuf – 8.47 Lbs

Club Weight Record:

The Team of Rennie Gauvin & Matt Faneuf set a new club record for a single day, 5 fish limit.

Their total weight was 30.92 Lbs. The old record was 27.13 Lbs.

Special Thanks to

Pastor George for his Sunday’s sermon.

Gary Cox & Steve Sapp for providing donuts for the club

2016 Officers
: Greg Remor, Treasure

Jonathan Padgett, Tournament Dirtector

Pastor George, Weight Master

Without the support and work effort of our club officers, we would not have a club.

2017 Club Officers:

      President – Rennie Gauvin

     Treasure – Greg Remor

     Tournament Director – Pastor George

     Weightmaster – Donnie Bianco

 As we look forward to the 2017 Tournament Trail, the club is looking to add new teams
to the club roster. If you are aware of any bass fisherman, that might be interested
in fishing our club trail. Please encourage them to check out our Facebook and website:



Thoughts from Pastor George:

Outcast members – As your officers it has been a joy and a privilege to serve you this past
tournament year. You are all great fishermen, but more than that great friends. The lively
competition and caring spirit makes our club special. We hope you had a good
experience during the year and that you are anticipating an even better time in 2017.
It doesn’t get much better than having good friends on the lakes that challenge
us to improve our angling skills and at the same time become better men.”

Next Tournament:

Lake Kissimmee Jan 28th

 RAMP: Hwy 60 County Ramp

 Registration: 6:00 am – 6:30 am

  • Captains Meeting: ?
  • Take-Off: Safe-light (predicted to be 6:45 am, depending on cloud cover, etc.)
  • Weigh-In: 3:00pm

Launch and Check-In Procedures:

  • After the Tournament Directors announcements.
  • We will stage in the ramp basin. The release numbers will be called out.
  • Once your boat number is called out proceed into the canal going out to the lake in a safe and orderly fashion.
  • Boat numbers are set based on the order of finish from the previous event.
    Any new team or teams that did not participate at the previous event will be assigned boat numbers
    beginning with the lowest number available after the previous months event.

  Length and Bag Limits:

  • We have FWC permits in hand for this event.
  • Minimum Fish Length is 12″
  • There is a 5 fish maximum.

 Membership and Tournament Fees:

  • Yearly Membership dues are $80.00 per team ($40.00 per Angler) due at the first tournament.
  • Tournament fees are $70.00 per team/per tournament (which includes the Big Bass fee for that month’s tournament).
  • Big Bass for the Year contest is $10.00 per team (optional) (one-time payment at first tournament)).
  • Cash is the only acceptable form of payment.
  • Please have the correct dollar amount for your team fees.


Rennie Gauvin