Club Rules

The membership adopted three rules changes for 2017 and they are UNDERLINED below:

1) Duties of the Officers
All petitions, protests and/or disagreements concerning club or tournament rules will be decided by a majority vote of the club officers and all decisions are final and incontestable.  The Officers are President, Tournament Director, Secretary/ Treasurer and Weigh-master.

  • President – The president will verify rules compliance and will lead the business of the club in general.
  • Tournament Director – The tournament director is responsible for obtaining FWC tournament permits, establishing launch procedures and  is also the official time-keeper for all tournaments.
  • Treasurer – The Treasurer is responsible to organize and manage the annual membership and tournament registration process.  The Treasurer will also provide a monthly financial summary to the club officers and will provide an annual financial report to the membership.
  • Weigh-master – The weigh-master is responsible to conduct the tournament weigh-ins and measurements.   The weighmaster is also responsible to store, maintain and transport the clubs tournament weigh in assets and will build the scoreboard for each tournament.

2) Membership
Any team who wishes to join the Outcast’s Bass Club is  required to submit an application online or a hard copy to a club officer within a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the first tournament they wish to participate in.    Returning members from the previous year and their partners as well as anyone sponsored by a current member in good standing may join the Club on the day of the tournament.

3) Membership Fees
Membership Fee is $80.00 per team per year. All membership applications will be subject to approval by the officers.  The club officers membership fee will be waived for the year served.

4) Alternates
An Alternate may fish in place of a team member by satisfying a $40.00 alternate fee.  If the alternate is utilized a second time their will be no fee required.
Exception:  A member is permitted to fish with a member of his/her immediate family member who is not their regular partner without paying the alternate fee at any time.   This privilege is extended to parents, grandparents, spouses, children and grandchildren only.    Any other family members not listed are considered alternates and must pay the Alternate fee.

5) Membership Limit(s)
Membership is limited to 30 boats. Members missing three (3) consecutive tournaments may be purged from the roster.

6) Meetings
There will be an annual meeting after the last regularly scheduled tournament to elect officers for the upcoming year and make suggestions for lakes and rule changes. There will be no monthly meetings except as may be conducted from time to time at club tournaments.

7) Rule Changes
The club Officers will review any recommended rule change(s) will vote as to the acceptance or rejection of the recommended rule change(s).

8) Awards
Plaques will be given for Team Anglers of the Year (2), Big Fish of the Year (1), and the Classic Tournament winning team (2).
A $10.00 fee from each membership will be put towards a fund for Angler of the Year, 2nd and 3rd place finishers.  The team Angler of the Year will receive 50% of the fund, 2nd place will receive 30% and 3rd will receive 20%.

9) Angler of the Year
Angler Of the Year points will use the “Drop One” method.   Each teams final position will be based on the points accumulated through their best 8 of 9 regular season tournaments.
The calculation is based on total points awarded to a team. The regular tournament season is January through October.   In the event of a tie in the points category. The tie “Breaker” will be:

  1. Total Weight
  2. Number of fish
  3. Big Fish

10) Tournament Schedule
The officers make up the tournament trail schedule for the new year.   In most cases, the monthly tournaments will be held on the 4th Saturday of each month.  However scheduling allowances will be made to avoid conflict with national holidays, etc.    The tournament trail consists of 9 regular season tournaments from January through OctoberThere will not be a regular season tournament held during the month of AUGUST, however the club may host an “open tournament” in order to raise funds for the Classic, etc.  In the event that a scheduled tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather, that tournament will be rescheduled for the 1st Saturday of the following month. The exception will be if there is a holiday on the 1st Saturday the officers will then reschedule that tournament.

11) Tournament Fees
Tournament Fees will be $70.00 per boat, paid in cash to the Treasurer prior to the start of the tournament. Ten dollars ($10.00) from each Tournament Fee collected will be applied to a Big Fish Pot for that tournament.
The additional $10.00 collected from the tournament fee will go directly into the Classic pot.

12) Yearly Big Fish pot (OPTIONAL)
Members may contribute to a yearly Big Fish pot. The fee will be $10 per team for the year. The pot will be won by the team who brought the biggest fish of the year to the scales AND is a participating team of this Big Fish pot.   Includes only Regular Season Tournaments and the Classic Tournament is also excluded.

14) Starting Position
Teams will launch for competition in boat number order.   Boat numbers for the first event are based on the order of registration at the ramp.   Boat numbers for all subsequent events are set based on the order of finish from the previous event.   Any new teams or teams that did not participate at the previous event will be assigned boat numbers beginning with the lowest number available after the previous months event.     Boat numbers for the Classic are based on the order of finish in the TAOY points for that year.  The highest boat number will call numbers for the launch.

15) Tournament Hours
Starting time for 1 day tournaments is  Safe Daylight to 3:00 PM.   2 day tournaments is Safe Daylight to 4pm on the first day and until 2pm on the 2nd day.  The Tournament Director determines safe Daylight.

16) Livewell Checks
Livewell checks maybe conducted by club officers prior to the beginning of a tournament.

17) Fish Limits
The stringer limit will be five (5) fish per boat.   Fish are to be a minimum of 14 inches from closed mouth to the tip of the tail unless FWC permits are obtained and in the possession of the angler.   The Golden Rule will be the instrument of measurement. Every effort will be made to see the fish meets requirements.

18) Point System
Points will be awarded on a 30 point system. The system is:

  • 1st Place: 30 points,
  • 2nd Place: 29 points,
  • 3rd Place: 28 points
  • Descending to the last boat that catches fish.
  • The remaining boats that do not catch fish will be awarded 1/2 of the points that are awarded to the last boat that received points.

EXAMPLE: Last boat to catch fish placed 16th which is awarded 15 points. The remaining teams that did not catch fish will all receive 7.5 points.

There will be no participation points awarded.

19) Payback
Payback is 90% of the entry fees received for that tournament.  If a place is not awarded, the money allocated for that place will go into the club treasury.

45% – 1st Place Team
27% – 2nd Place Team
18% – 3rd Place Team
10% – Club Treasury

20) Weigh-in and Penalties
Once fish are placed in the Weigh-masters basket they are considered property of the club and the following penalties will be enforced as applicable.

(A)  There will be a penalty assessed from a team’s total weight for every dead fish weighed,

1st Dead fish – 4 OZ penalty
2nd Dead fish – additional 8 OZ penalty
3rd -5th Dead fish – additional 16 OZ penalty per fish
This rule is an accumulative dead fish penalty.

(B)  There will be a 16 OZ. penalty assessed from a teams total weight for every minute up to five minutes that a team is late for a weigh-in.
If a team is later than five minutes they will be disqualified from the tournament competition for that day.

EXCEPTION: If a team encounters mechanical or electrical issues getting back to the ramp.
                      They must contact the Tournament Director and inform him of the their situation.
                      In the event, that another team brings in the disabled teams fish, the “assisting”
                      team will be allowed a 10 minute weigh-in grace period.   

(C)  There will be a 16 OZ. penalty assessed from a teams total weight for every minute up to five minutes that a team leaves early at the start of a tournament.
If a team leaves early by five minutes or greater they will be disqualified from the tournament competition for that day.

(D)  There will be a 16 OZ. penalty for every fish presented to the weigh-master at the scales that is over the 5 fish limit.

(E)  There will be a 4 OZ. (.25lb) penalty if a team brings fish to the scale and they are not contained in a bag with sufficient water.

(F)   If a “SHORT” fish is identified. The fish will be eliminated and a 16 oz penalty will be accessed against the teams total weight.
A team can request a “courtesy” fish measurement prior to putting their fish into the weigh-master’s basket.

In the event of a tie regarding at a tournament, the tie breaker will be:

  1. Big Fish
  2. Number of Fish
  3. If a tie cannot be broken, points for the two places will be added and divided by two and duplicate points awarded to each team.

21) Lake Limits
All water accessible by boat from the tournament lake will be open to fishing, unless otherwise specified.

22) Methods of Fishing
No wading, trolling or cane pole fishing will be allowed.  No contestant will have more than one fishing line in the water at a time.

23) Equipment
All fishing will be done with bait casting, spinning, or spin casting reels. The maximum length of rods will be 8 feet from butt to the tip of the rod.

24) Classic Tournament
Classic Tournament will be held the 1st full weekend in November.  It will be a two-day tournament. The classic lake will be selected by the officers of the club.  There will be a Tournament Fee of $70.00 ($50, $10, & $10 ) per boat collected the 1st day of the Classic. Money (100%) collected will go into the Classic Pot payout. This includes Big Fish Pot of $10.00 per boat each day.

  • 1st day of the Classic, the starting positions will be determined by the “Final” tournament standings of that years tournament trail. AOY winner is first boat out.  Second place goes out 2nd, third place goes out 3rd etc.
  • 2nd day of the Classic, the starting positions will be determined by the order the competing teams finished as a result of the weigh-in the first day of the Classic.

25) Classic Tournament Qualification
Qualification will be determined by those teams Participating in a minimum of eight (8) tournaments of that years tournament trail. Teams may “buy” one tournament in order to meet this requirement.  In order to “Buy” a tournament, a team will be charged a tournament fee of $70.00. This fee will be added to the Club treasury.

Classic Payback Schedule:

45% – 1st Place Team
25% – 2nd Place Team
15% – 3rd Place Team
10% – 4th Place Team
5% – 5th Place Team

Alternates will be eligible to participate in the “Classic” provided the following conditions are met:

(A)  The Alternate must have already competed with that team during that regular season.

(B)  The Member fishing with the Alternate has already qualified by participating in at least eight (8) tournaments

Emergency Exemptions:  In the event that a qualifying member is unable to fish the Classic due to a personal or medical emergency that team may petition the officers regarding the selection of an Alternate participant.

26) Protests
Any protests or disputes regarding measuring or weighing of fish must be done at the time the question arises, during the weight- in process. Once a team leaves the scale the weight is complete/official. All protests and/or disagreements will be decided by a majority vote of the club officers.

27) Safety
All rules of safe boating, courtesy, safety, sportsmanship, and conservation is expected from each member. Fighting, cheating, littering or abuse of any of the above will be considered grounds for disqualification and immediate ejection from the club. The decision will be made by the officers.

All members are required to wear a Coast Guard approved chest-type life jacket whenever the boat is on plane.

Contestant(s) WILL be disqualified for non compliance.

28) Alcoholic Beverages
No consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES can occur while in the process of weighting in fish. The 1st violation the member will receive a warning, 2nd violation will result in member disqualification from that specific tournament.