Tournament Information for March 7th on Lake Arbuckle

IMPORTANT! – The gates do not open to the ramp area until 6am!   We will be registering everyone outside the gate.   Park your truck in line and come to the gate for sign in.   When the gates open we will proceed to the ramp and launch our boats.    Once you have launched, move out toward the dock and pick your partner up there.

Please do not stage your boat near the ramp as the basin is narrow.   Be careful of the trees in the parking area when making your turns.   Take a look at the map provided.   Lastly, please be respectful of the families sleeping in their tents and campers.

  • Tournament Date – March 7th, 2020
  • Ramp – Lake Arbuckle County Campgrounds (Map and Location)
  • Tournament Registration – 5:30 to 6:00  IMPORTANT – Please line up outside the campground gates and do not pull into the launch area until you have registered.   
  • Anglers Meeting – No Anglers Meeting, Teams will be briefed individually at sign in.
  • Take off will be at first safe light.
  • Take off order- Based on the order of finish for February  New members or members who did not fish in January will follow in order of registration.
  • Check-In – 3:00pm.   All anglers must be within 100 yards of the ramp by this time.
  • Fees – Current Members – $40 is due.   New or unpaid members fees $80 is due – $40 for membership dues goes to the classic fund and $40 to the tournament payout. Out of fairness, we cannot accept IOU’s or checks (CASH ONLY).
  • Payout – 100% of the $40 entry will be paid out at the tournament.  No holdbacks beyond the membership fees.   Tournament Payout to 1st Place, Runner-Up, and Big Bass.
  • Boundaries – Tournament boundaries are any waters continuously navigable by boat.  No trailering and relaunching allowed.
  • LIVE WELL CHECKS!!! – We will be Checking Live Wells at this tournament!  Please have them open while you are inline outside the gate.

New Members – Sign up online and pay your fees at the ramp.

Place Team Alternate # of Fish Big Fish Weight Winnings