Membership Form

NOTE! Anglers who submit their registration forms less than 7 days before any tournament are not eligible to participate until the following months event!

We will need the contact information for both yourself and your partner (co-angler). Please enter your contact information below:

All teams are required to abide by all club rules. Teams hereby consent that in accordance with the by-laws the decisions of the Officers of the Club are final in all matters. In the unlikely event of disqualification, dismissal or voluntarily resignation of any team for any reason, that team will not be entitled to any refund of fees or dues paid.

Annual membership fees and tournament entry fees are due at the ramp on the first day of competition. Fees are as follows:
Annual Membership Fee – $80 per team
Annual Big Bass Fee – $10 per team (optional)
Tournament Fees – $70 per team per tournament, includes big bass for the event.