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Jan 23rd TX – Info

As previously mentioned in an earlier E-Mail notification.

The weather forecast for the January 23rd Tournament is going to be a very windy day.

Feedback received from the membership indicated that the majority preferred to fish Saturday 23rd versus rescheduling to the following week.

The officers have been working diligently to come up with a solution to the windy weather issue we will be encountering Saturday.

We arrived at the solution of moving the ramp to Camp Mack. This ramp location move allows more areas that offer protection from the wind.

Lake Kissimmee, Saturday January 23rd


RAMP: CAMP MACK (North-end).   < = NOTE

• Registration: 5:45am – 6:15am

• Captains Meeting: ?

• Take-Off: Safe-light (predicted to be 6:45am, depending on cloud cover, etc.)

• Weigh-In: 3:00pm

Launch and Check-In Procedures:

• After the Tournament Directors announcements.

• We will stage at the mouth of the Camp Mack cut and the river.

• Release numbers will be called out.

• Boat numbers for the first event are based on the order of registration at the ramp.

• Camp Mack charges $5.00 for Ramp Fee per boat.

Length and Bag Limits:

• We have FWC permits in hand for this event.

• Minimum Fish Length is 12″

• There is a 5 fish maximum.

Registration and Tournament Fees:

• Yearly Membership dues are $70.00 per team ($35.00 per Angler) due at the first tournament.

• Tournament fees are $60.00 per team/per tournament (which includes the Big Bass fee for that month’s tournament).

• Big Bass for the Year contest is $10.00 per team (optional) (one-time payment at first tournament)).

• Cash is the only acceptable form of payment.

• Please have the correct dollar amount for your team fees.