Club Rules for 2020

  1. Officers:
    All petitions, protests and/or disagreements concerning club or tournament rules will be decided by a majority vote of the club officers and all decisions are final and incontestable.  The Officers are President and Tournament Director.

    1. President – The president will verify rules compliance and will lead the business of the club in general.
    2. Tournament Director – The tournament director is responsible for obtaining FWC tournament permits, establishing launch procedures and is also the official time-keeper for all tournaments.
  2. Membership and Membership Fee:
    The membership fee is $40 per team per year. Any team who wishes to join the Outcast’s Bass Club is required to submit a registration form online or a hard copy to a club officer and must pay their membership prior to their first tournament. Membership must be approved by the Club Officers.
  3. Alternates:
    An Alternate may fish in place of a team member by satisfying a $10.00 alternate fee.  However, A member is permitted to fish with a member of his/her immediate family member who is not their regular partner without paying the alternate fee at any time.   This privilege is extended to parents, grandparents, spouses, children, and grandchildren only.    Any other family members not listed are considered alternates and must pay the Alternate fee.
  4. Team of the Year:
    Team of the Year points will use the “Drop One” method.   Each team’s final position will be based on the points accumulated through their best 7 of 8 regular-season tournaments. The Team of the Year will not be required to pay the entry fee for the end of year Classic Tournament.
  5. Tournament Fees and Payout:
    Tournament Fees will be $40.00 per boat, paid in cash prior to the start of the tournament.  100% of these fees will be paid out for each tournament with the following allocation:

    1. 50% ($20 per entry) – 1st Place
    2. 25% ($10 per entry) – 2nd Place
    3. 25% ($10 per entry) – Big Bass
  6. Starting Position:
    The starting position for the first tournament will be based on the order of registration for that tournament. The starting position for all remaining tournaments will be based on the order of finish for the previous tournament. New teams will start in order of entry after existing teams launch.   The last boat will call numbers.
  7. Livewell Checks:
    Livewell checks may be conducted by club officers prior to the beginning of a tournament.
  8. Fish Limits:
    The stringer limit will be five  (5) fish per boat.   There is no length limit.   In the event permits are unavailable the club will revert to a 3 fish limit.
  9. Team of the Year (TOY) Point System:
    Points will be awarded on a 100-point system. The system is:

    • 1st Place: 100 points
    • 2nd Place: 99 points
    • 3rd Place: 98 points
    • Descending to the last boat that catches fish.
    • The remaining boats that do not catch fish will be awarded 1/2 of the points that are awarded to the last boat that received points.
    • There will be no participation points awarded.
  10. Weigh-in and Penalties:
    Once fish are presented for weigh-in they are considered property of the club and the following penalties will be enforced as applicable.

    1. Dead fish – .5lb per dead fish.
    2. Late for Check-in – 1lb per minute late.   Teams are disqualified if more than 5 minutes late.\
  11. Tie-Breaking Procedures:
    In the event of a tie regarding at a tournament, the tiebreaker will be in the following order

    1. Big Fish
    2. Number of Fish
    3. If a tie cannot be broken, points for the two places will be added and divided by two and duplicate points awarded to each team.
  12. Lake Limits:
    All water that is publicly navigable by boat from the tournament lake will be open to fishing, unless otherwise specified.
  13. Methods of Fishing and Equipment:

    1. The use of live bait of any kind is prohibited
    2. Baiting, chumming a fishing area before or during the tournament is prohibited.
    3. No wading, trolling or cane pole fishing will be allowed.
    4. No more than one fishing line in the water at a time.
    5. All fishing will be done with baitcasting, spinning, or spin casting reels.
    6. The maximum length of rods will be 8 feet from butt to the tip of the rod.
  14. Classic Tournament:
    The club’s “Classic” Tournament will be held at a lake chosen by the Officers on the 1st weekend in October. Teams participating in a minimum of 6 (six) tournaments of that year’s tournament trail will qualify for the “Classic” tournament.   It will be a two-day tournament. The classic lake will be selected by the officers of the club.  There will be a Tournament Fee will be $80.00.  Starting positions will be determined as follows:

    1. 1st day of the Classic – based on “Final” tournament standings with TAOY being the first boat out.  Second place goes out 2nd, third place goes out 3rd etc.
    2. 2nd day of the Classic – determined by the standings after day one weigh-in.
  15. Protests:
    Any protests or disputes must be presented to the Club Officers prior to the awarding of tournament payout at the event.  All protests and/or disagreements will be decided by a majority vote of the club officers.
  16. Safety:
    All members are required to wear a Coast Guard-approved chest-type life jacket whenever the boat is on plane. All rules of safe boating, courtesy, safety, sportsmanship, and conservation is expected from each member. Contestant(s) WILL be disqualified for non-compliance.
  17. Sportsmanship:
    Fighting, cheating, littering, harassment or abuse of any of the above will be considered grounds for disqualification and immediate ejection from the club. The decision will be made by the officers and is non-contestable.
  18. Alcoholic Beverages are Prohibited:
    No consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES can occur during tournament hours or during the weigh-in. Violation will result in member disqualification from that tournament. 2nd Violation will result in expulsion from the club.