“The Classic”

Classic Qualifiers:

Congratulations to all of you who have qualified for the classic!   We hope you all will join us for a great time and a very challenging and interesting format.

Jason Kitchens & AJ Kitchens – TAOY (No Entry Fee)
Ethan Hamrick & David Walker
Rick Bateman & Elwood Glaser
Leon Harrison & Jacob Middlton
Vincent Maffei & Vincent Maffei Jr.
Toby Suttle & Nickles Ginther
Robert Burns & Kevin Kenneally
Owen Kitchens & Matthew Evatt
Tom Stanforth & Don Faulkner
James Padgett Sr. & James Padgett II
Greg Remor & Mitch McKown
Bill Marty & John Hubbert
John Catlin & Jim Prokosch

Tournament Info:

  • Two Day Event
  • Dates- October 3rd-4th, 2020
  • Times – Safe Light to 3pm Both Days
  • Anglers Meeting Prior to Take-off on Day 1 – Review rules and format (See below)
  • Entry Fee – $80
  • The payout includes the membership fees collected earlier in the year.

Special Classic Format:

10 for 2 Format:

We will have a 10 fish limit across the two days HOWEVER, you may weigh-in as many or as few of those 10 fish on day one as you desire.   You make the strategy call that suits you and the kind of day you have.   You can weigh in any combination that you wish.    You can weigh in 0 fish on Day 1 and 10 fish on Day two or you can weigh 10 fish on Day 1 and 0 fish on Day two or any combination in between.


Our version of a mulligan in golf.   Every team will weigh their smallest fish on Day 1.    At the Day 2 weigh-in teams will have the option of removing that fish from their Day 1 total and replace it with a larger fish on Day 2.


  • A team weighs in 3 fish for 7lbs on Day 1.  They select a fish to be their “Cull-Again” and it ends up being 1.2lbs.
  • But that team has a much better day on day 2 and they have 8 fish.   They do not believe any of them are smaller than that their “Cull-Again” from Day 1.
  • Before they weigh their fish the team will declare “Cull-Again”.  We will subtract that 1.2lber from their Day 1 total so they now have only 2 Fish for 5.8lbs.  This means they can weigh all 8 of their fish from Day 2.
  • They then place their bag on the scales and it ends up weigh 31lbs.
  • We add that to the 2 remaining fish from Day 1 (5.8lbs) and their final weight is 36.8lbs.


  1.  We will not compare and contrast fish at the scales on Day 2.    You will declare whether you want to use the Cull-Again or not based on your own judgment of the size of your fish.   You will either need to guess right or use a scale in your boat to keep track.
  2. Use of the Cull-Again is completely optional.    If you do not think you have a fish that is bigger then you just weigh in the remaining fish out of your 10 fish limit.

Payout and Payout Structure:

  • We have $900 in the pot in addition to entry fees ($80 per team).
  • We will pay $20  per paid entry fee to the big fish.  $10 for day 1 and $10 for day 2.
  • The remaining $60 of each entry fee will be combined with the $900 in hold-back for the payout.
  • We will payout 1 place for every 3 boats entered at the classic.
  • Assuming at least 12 boats show up the approximate payout will be distributed as follows:
    • 1st – 45%
    • 2nd – 30%
    • 3th – 15%
    • 4th – 10%
  • %’s above are not perfect and we will round up/down as needed to make it even.
  • The payout distribution will be adjusted based on the total number of boats who show up.



Roland and Marianne Martin’s Marine is nearby the launch facility and highly recommended.
Website –https://www.rolandmartinmarina.com/
Toll Free Number 1-800-473-6766
Local Number (863) 983-3151

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