JAN 27th – Lake TOHO (Only)

 WELCOME, to the following NEW TEAMs:

  •  John Adkinson & Tom Davis

  • Jason Bringhurst & ????

  • Ryan Brown & Blake Williams

  • Michael Johnston & Michael Capron

  • Jimmy Johnson & Tommy Dorman

  • Owen Kitchens & AJ Kitchens

  • Jodie Wilbanks & Dawson Dean

We are still recruiting new teams to join us on the OUTCASTS Bass Club 2018
Tournament Trail.
If you are aware of any fisherman who maybe interested in joining our club.
Please reach out to them and inform them of club and all it’s benefits.
If they are looking for a good, well run, friendly but competitive tournament trail.


Lake Toho  RESULTS:

                   “CAMERA SHY”

The Team of Ryan Brown & Blake Williams took 1st Place with a nice bag
of 20.75 Lbs, i
Including the Big Fish of 5.36 Lbs.

The Team of Jodie Wilbanks & Dawson Dean placed 2nd with 15.87 Lbs.



The Team of Jimmy Johnson & Tommy Dorman finished in 3rd place with 11.01 Lbs.