October Newsletter

What a tournament !!! Water was moving throughout the chain and seemed to be a key factor
in catching fish. The team of Donnie Bianco & Tuck Pinchin’s roll of placing third in three
consecutive tournaments ended at our July tournament. However, that did not stop
them at the September tournament. They brought a bag of 24.14 Lbs to the scales.
They had 2 dead fish and that dropped their total weight to 23.89 Lbs.

This was the biggest single day winning weight of the 2016 Trail. However, the euphoria
that Bianco & Pinchin was enjoying with the thought of winning the tournament soon ended.

The team of Gauvin & Faneuf placed their bag on the scale and it exceeded the 30 Lb
capacity of the scale. They had to weigh-in three fish and then two fish and add the
weights together. Their total weight was a whopping 30.92 Lbs. This was a
club record for a single day, 5 fish limit. Their smallest fish was 4.14 Lbs.

They also bested Greg Remor’s Big Fish of the year catch of 8.23 Lbs with a 8.47 Lb fish.
Incidentally, both of those fish were caught at Lake Kissimmee.

We had 12 of 15 teams catching a limit. A total of 176.19 Lbs was brought to the scale.
This gave us an average of 11.75 Lbs per team. There were 10 fish over 4 Lbs brought
to the scales.

The team of Rennie Gauvin & Matt Faneuf took 1st place bringing 30.92 Lbs sack to the scales.

The team of Donnie Bianco & Tuck Pinchin secured 2nd place with 23.89 Lbs.

The team of Doc Ora Cobb & Keith Sturdavent came in 3rd place with 17.83Lbs.
Check out the club website to view detailed Oct Results and Standings:


Heading into the last tournament of 2016 Trail. Our club’s Team Angler of the Year Award
is still up for grabs. In addition, we have an extremely hot competition with only 1 point
separating 2nd and 3rd place positions. Including the September tournament statistics.
The TAOY standings to date are:

1st Rennie Gauvin & Matt Faneuf – 188 Points
2nd Kevin Wright & Jason Hughey – 179 Points
3rd Pastor George Thomasson & Brian Elser – 178 Points 

2016 Classic Tournament Qualifers:
To date, we currently have 11 teams that have qualified for our 2016 Classic Tournament
at Lake Okeechobee on November 12th & 13th. There is a possibility that an additional
4 more teams could qualify for the Classic.

New statewide bass regulations that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
effective July 1. Any size 5 bass limit per angler with only one bass that’s
16 inches long (about 2 1/4 pounds) or longer. We have secured FWC Waivers for this event.
Our Length & Bag Limits will stay the same a usual.

Next Tournament:

Lake Istokpoga Oct 22nd

 RAMP: Istokpoga Park Ramp (Hwy 98)

 Registration: 6:00 am – 6:30 am

  • Captains Meeting: ?
  • Take-Off: Safe-light (predicted to be 6:45 am, depending on cloud cover, etc.)
  • Weigh-In: 3:00pm

Launch and Check-In Procedures:

  • After the Tournament Directors announcements.
  • We will stage in the ramp basin. The release numbers will be called out.
  • Once your boat number is called out proceed into the canal going out to the lake in a safe
    and orderly fashion.
  • Boat numbers are set based on the order of finish from the previous event.
    Any new team or teams that did not participate at the previous event will be assigned
    boat numbers beginning with the lowest number available after the previous months event.

 Length and Bag Limits:

  • We have FWC permits in hand for this event.
  • Minimum Fish Length is 12″
  • There is a 5 fish maximum.

Membership and Tournament Fees:

  • Yearly Membership dues are $70.00 per team ($35.00 per Angler) due at the first tournament.
  • Tournament fees are $60.00 per team/per tournament (which includes the Big Bass fee for that month’s tournament).
  • Big Bass for the Year contest is $10.00 per team (optional) (one-time payment at first tournament)).
  • Cash is the only acceptable form of payment.
  • Please have the correct dollar amount for your team fees.

That’s it for now, if there are any questions and / or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.


Rennie Gauvin